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Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Buckeye® Action Control System®

Patented connector automatically proportions product when attached to the Control Master. Quickly and easily locks and releases. Chemical-resistant assignment identification labels. Color coded for use with specific products & cleaning assignments. Hose Rac secures connector to wall or Action Rac when not in use. Quick-Draw® Spigot is for ready-to-use Action Pac products. No wasted product or messy spills to clean. Secures to the nylon bag spout with a screw-in connector. Rubber O-ring for leak protection. Lockable 4x1 Gallon Wall Rack. Drip Tray is wall mounted, for these systems. 6 FT. Water Connection Hose.

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Buckeye® Sani-Q Sanitizer Gun

Sanitizer applicator. Automatically dilutes Sani-Q sanitizing solution. For use in any sanitizing procedure. Ideal follow-up to Liberate degreasing assignments.

Manufacturer #40110000
Add to Cart $98.64/EA

Buckeye® Multi-Product Foam/Spray Gun - 64 oz. Bottle

Liberate foam applicator. Generates rich, thick foam that clings to food processing equipment and vertical surfaces. Automatically dilutes Liberate for greater economy.

Manufacturer #40130000
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Spartan Foam Gun Model #481

Includes preset metering tips for diluting 2 oz. to 12 oz.

Manufacturer #9973
Add to Cart $78.60/EA

Spartan Clean on the Go® Lock & Dial® Dispenser

Simple dial and select product or rinse application. Locking ChemPod to restrict product access to authorized personnel only. Easy, one-handed filling of trigger spray bottles. Use with Clean on the Go® 2-Liter concentrates. It can be customized as required.

Manufacturer #9050
Add to Cart $289.12/EA

Spartan Clean on the Go® High Flow Dispenser

An adaptable, portable and stationary dispensing system designed to provide an immediate, positive impact on any environmental sanitation program. For mop buckets and automatic scrubbers. Includes racking system, installation instructions. Also includes mounting screws. 3.5 gpm.

Manufacturer #9159
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Spartan SAM Single Dispensing System

Includes shelf, special instruction sheet listing all Spartan products and dilutions plus locking button and 6 ft. water inlet hose. Dispenses directly into trigger bottle or bucket.

Manufacturer #9192
Add to Cart $100.88/EA

Spartan AC Adapted Auto Drain

This low cost dispensing system accurately and automatically dispenses Consume LIQ for economical drain and grease trap treatment. Programmable, time dispensing unit. AC adapted model.

Manufacturer #9341
Add to Cart $116.16/EA