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Scrubbers - Auto & Walk


Windsor® Saber Compact 16 Automatic Scrubber - 16", Disc

Small, agile scrubber for maintenance cleaning. Maintenance friendly with easy access to all components, reduces machine down-time. Vacuum motor: .5 hp. Brush motor: 1.6 hp. Electrical: 125/60 hz, electric.  ea
Manufacturer #15151580
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Windsor® Saber™ Blade 12 Upright Micro-Scrubber - 12"

Rugged construction. Floors are brush-cleaned and left dry, allowing you to quickly and safely return the area to service. Lightweight just 24 lbs. Vacuum Motor: 1.1 hp; Brush speed: 1450 rpm. 1 gallon solution and recovery tanks. One 12" cylindrical brush; brush diameter 2.4".  ea
Manufacturer #17832060
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Windsor® Saber™ Compact Floor Scrubber-17"w/Pad Drivers

Small, simple to use, reliable scrubber that can increase productivity while making the job easier. 20" W x 31" H x 40" L. 2-12V/105A/H batteries & 24V/10A automatic charger. 8 gallon solution & 10 gallon recovery tanks.  ea
Manufacturer #SC17D1
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Windsor® Saber™ Compact 20-Brush Ast,Pad Driver,105AH

A reliable and durable scrubber with the features you need to increase the productivity and efficiency of your cleaning program. Available in brush/pad assist drive or traction drive. Also available with standard squeegee or deluxe squeegee. 20" cleaning path. 53" L x 20" W x 43" H.  ea
Manufacturer #98401400
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Windsor® Saber™ Cutter Floor Scrubber-26" w/Pad Drivers

Actuated Scrub Deck. The Aqua-Mizer™ System increases scrubber productivity by extending solution usage by 35% per tank fill up. Fast and simple access to major components, motors, batteries and brushes. Convenient utility area for carrying cleaning accessories. Squeeze Play model has 36" cleaning path which is 35% more productive than standard 26" scrubbers. A sleek functional sight line design to provide greater operator safety & ease of use.  ea
Manufacturer #SCX264D1
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