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Multiple Surface Cleaners


Buckeye® Cert® Crème Cleanser - Qt.

Crème cleanser for porcelain, enamel, tile or any surface requiring abrasive action.  12/cs
Manufacturer #5295-0600
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Spartan Peroxy II fbc® Cleaner - Qt.

A proprietary blend combining citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Foaming bath and all-surface cleaner. Formulated for light to medium soil loads. pH 2.5. Clings to soils increasing contact and penetrating time. Leaves surfaces cleaner, brighter and film free.  12/cs
Manufacturer #3535
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Spartan Clean on the Go® Acid Cleaner 7 - 2 L

A light to medium duty cleaner/maintainer formulated for use on restroom and shower room surfaces, toilets and urinals. Non-fuming, acid bathroom/shower cleaner, citrusy scent. pH <1. 4 per case; 2 oz. makes gallon.  4/cs
Manufacturer #4724
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Spartan Clean on the Go® Foamy Bath/Restroom Cleaner 14-2L

Medium to heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser, and maintainer formulated for use on baths, restrooms, and on shower room surfaces, toilet bowls and urinals. Bright orange in concentrated form. Very pale - almost clear, when diluted.  4/cs
Manufacturer #4815
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Spartan Green Solutions® Restroom Cleaner - Qt.

Cleans basins, bowls and most restroom surfaces. A natural acid, toilet, urinal, and shower room cleaner. Effective cleaning with natural citric acid. Ready-to-Use. Spray and wipe.  12/cs
Manufacturer #3503
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Spartan M95 Mild Acid Cleaner - Qt.

Mild acid cleaner for tile, porcelain, china and metal. Removes soap scum. May be diluted depending upon cleaning requirement and type of surface. pH <1; USDA: A3. 12/32 oz. per case. Includes gloves with case.  12/cs
Manufacturer #7115
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Spartan SparCreme® Cleanser - Qt.

Liquid crème cleanser with pleasant lime fragrance. Removes soap scum, stains and soil without dulling or scratching. Contains a mild abrasive. pH 2.0-2.5.  12/cs
Manufacturer #7320
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Buckeye® Sparkle™ Multipurpose Acid Cleaner

36% phosphoric acid bowl and utility cleanser. Cleans tile, porcelain and chrome. USDA Listed. Removes mineral deposits and soap scum. Outstanding versatility.
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PRO-LINK® Foaming Germicidal Cleaner - 20 oz. Can

One step cleaner, disinfectant & deodorizer. A quaternary foaming cleaner that disinfects & deodorizes in the presence of a moderate amount of soil. Fragrance: Pine scent. EPA registered. Propellant: Hydrocarbon. 12 per case.  12/cs
Manufacturer #RA009
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