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MDI 4 Ply Advantage™ Scrim Wipe - 9" x 16.5", Pop-Up

Available in pop-up dispenser boxes, poly wrap, rolls and bulk. Not only absorbent and economical, but reinforced for extra toughness. Layers of wood pulp fibers laminated with a durable poly scrim-reinforcement. Ideal for general purpose cleaning.

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MDI SuperRag™ 1/4 Fold Wiper - 13" x 16", Disp. Box, Blue

For the most demanding wiping jobs without breaking down or falling apart. For use in manufacturing, automotive, machine shops, transportation, high-tech, engineering, utilities and more. Spunlace non-woven wood pulp/polyester fabric, engineered for cloth-like performance & multiple reuse. Virtually lint-free & solvent compatible. Wipes surfaces totally dry.

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MDI Classic® Service Wiper - 12" x 24"

Classic service wipers for effective foodservice wiping. 1/4 fold, dispenser box. Pink Rayon. Pack: 1/200.

Manufacturer #78129
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MDI The "CHAMP"™ 1/4 Fold Wipe - Poly

Soft & strong like cloth. Perfect all-purpose wiper. Constructed of honeycomb pockets engineered to trap liquids. Wipes dry, no smearing or streaking. Cleans grease, oil, water & solvents in one wipe. White DRC Cellulose; 12.25" x 13".

Manufacturer #86002
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MDI The "STITCH" - 1/4 Fold, Dispenser Box

Heavy duty industrial wiper made from wood pulp & polyester, super-reinforced for brute strength & durability. Machine washable for repeated use. White, Ultratex™. 13" x 17".

Manufacturer #91121
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MDI Jumbo Prep Towel - 12" x 1000'

Supreme spunlace towels for the toughest low lint wiping tasks. Center-pull roll. Sheet size: 12" x 12". Blue, smooth. Pack: 1/1000'.

Manufacturer #92888
Add to Cart $65.23/CS

MDI Atlas Wipe™ - 8.5" x 12"

High performance, virtually lint free, solvent resistant reusable cloth-like towel. Pop-Up. Blue crepe.

Manufacturer #95118
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MDI Classic E-CON Towel™ - 13" x 21.5"

Supreme spunlace towels for the toughest low lint wiping tasks. 1/8 fold, dispenser box. White Aperture.

Manufacturer #97101
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